Dale Biotech has discovered that di-rhamnolipid C10-C10 (DBI-500), composed of rhamnose sugars and mid-length fatty acids, can resolve local and systemic inflammation when administered at greater doses than required for body contouring. When injected at these doses and at dose intervals of 1 week or greater, DBI-500 is not expected to have any systemic effects.

The only approved local lipolysis agent available in the US is Kybella (deoxycholic acid; DA), and is only approved for the treatment of double chin. Per-injection volume is limited to maximally 0.2mL at a concentration of 1%.

Dale Biotech has observed excellent tolerability and efficacy of DBI-500 using much higher volumes (1mL) at the same concentration (1mL w/v). In multiple minipig studies, injections administered every two weeks did not affect body weight. DBI-500 can therefore be developed for all areas of body contouring, and due can be combined with devices to maximize and shorten treatment duration.

Significant improvements in body weight, glycemic control (fasting blood sugar) fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome were observed when DBI-500 was administered more frequently and at substantially greater doses than required for body contouring.  The beneficial effects were observed in multiple studies using obese mice, obese Zucker rats and in a NASH model using obese mice.



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