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Adipose tissue is a dynamic organ and ranges from 4% to >40% of total body composition in humans. Obesity is characterized by white adipose tissue (WAT) inflammation, which is drives development of type-2 diabetes. DBI-500 significantly increases expression of proteins that cause browning (beiging) of white fat cells. Fat is often noted for its energy-storing function, as in white adipose tissue (WAT). In addition, mammals possess at least two types of thermogenic adipocytes: classical brown adipocytes and beige adipocytes. In rodents and infants, classical brown adipocytes (or brown fat) are located in dedicated BAT depots, such as the interscapular regions. In contrast, beige adipocytes (also called brite adipocytes) are an inducible form of thermogenic adipocytes that reside within subcutaneous WAT depots such as central abdominal bulge. Beige fat is a new therapeutic target in the treatment of obesity and other metabolic disorders. Rodents treated with DBI-500 were protected from diet-induced weight gain and displayed a marked improvement in glucose levels relative to their respective control group. Significant improvements in body weight, glycemic control (fasting blood sugar), renal and liver values were observed in obese mice and obese Zucker rats. When injected into subcutaneous adipose tissue at the low total doses needed for body contouring, DBI-500 is not expected to have any systemic effects. DBI-500 has unique attributes that are expected to fulfill the currently unmet need for a consistently well tolerated and effective injectable treatment for all body sculpting indications, including double chin, the only approved indication of Kybella® (deoxycholic acid; DA). We have demonstrated that DBI-500 is at least as efficacious as DA in lysing fatty tissue, and generates significantly less inflammatory response immediately after and in the weeks post-injection.

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Our Team

Dr. Anton Leighton MD


Dr. Leighton has more than 25 years of drug development experience, including US Head, Infectious Disease and Inflammation, Roche USA. He is trained in internal and emergency medicine, has a postgraduate degree in pharmaceutical medicine from University of Basel and an MBA (UC Irvine). Dr. Leighton has been a successful consultant to Biotech companies, and is highly experienced in the support of clinical development programs, including orphan drug indications.

Ralph Salvagno MD


Dr. Salvagno is a Board Certified orthopaedic surgeon. He has co-founded a biotech incubator, served as CEO of a public pharma company and served as a medical advisor to several biomedical start-ups. He has extensive experience in business planning and development as well as clinical trial supervision. Dr. Salvagno served as Chief of Staff at Meritus Medical Center, Hagerstown Md. from 2017-2019 in Hagerstown, Md and currently serves on Board of Directors of the health system.

Bruce Harmon


Bruce Harmon has 40 years’ experience as CFO, director and/or audit chairman of public and private companies. Since 1993, he has operated his own consulting firm where he has served as an interim officer and/or director of various public companies during their growth stages. He has worked with a pharmaceutical company with the registration of an OTC product and the negotiation of the sale of the company to a large pharma company. He has taken 15 companies public on a contract basis.

Dawn Bravo, PhD

Executive Director, Research

Dr. Dawn Bravo is a research scientist at Stanford University School of Medicine. She won the 2006 NIH Ruth L. Kirschenstein National Research Service Award and her postdoctoral studies at the Thoracic Oncology Laboratory were under the auspices of another NIH research service award. Dr. Bravo is very experienced in NIH grant submissions and the management and successful completion of NIH-funded studies.

Stefan Lyne Oliver, PhD

Director, Research

Dr. Stefan Lyne Oliver is a research scientist at Stanford University School of Medicine.. He has more than 25 years of experience within biotechnology and academy setting. He has extensive experience with NIH grant applications and managing NIH grant funded research projects.

Latest News

BY ADMIN 10/09/2019

We received notice that our application has been granted for European Patent No. 2723348 Title: Method for Treating Obesity.

We received notice that our application has been granted for European Patent No. 2723348 Title: Method for Treating Obesity.

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BY ADMIN 06/07/2019

We presented a poster at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) 79th Scientific Sessions (Poster ADA20191744).

DBI-500 Significantly Increases Adipose Tissue Expression of PPAR-gamma and Adiponectin in DIO Mice..

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BY ADMIN 20/01/2020

IMCAS World Congress 2020: We will present at The Innovation Shark Tank and also give a presentation at one of the scientific sessions

We will present at The Innovation Shark Tank at the IMCAS World Congress 2020 held in Paris, Palais des Congrès from 30 January – 1 February, Paris. Dale Botech will also participate the following at a one of scientific sessions: “Comparative efficacy and tolerability of DBI-500 and deoxycholic acid as assessed by 3-dimensional MRIs in […]

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