Anton Leighton MD
Founder and Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Leighton has more than 25 years of drug development experience, including US Head, Infectious Disease and Inflammation, Roche USA. He is trained in internal and emergency medicine, has a postgraduate degree in pharmaceutical medicine from University of Basel and an MBA (UC Irvine). Dr. Leighton has been a successful consultant to Biotech companies, and is highly experienced in the support of clinical development programs, including orphan drug indications.

A Word from our CEO, Ralph Salvagno, MD

Our team at Dale Biotech recognizes the need for the best scientific minds to come together to tackle the current health crisis related to COVID-19.

We are also committed to using our expertise with Rhamnolipids to develop an oral formulation which is not only efficacious but also cost effective. Our experience with Rhamnolipids and our early research with niclosamide, has led us to a unique formulation that has the potential to not only treat early cases of COVID-19 but also could be used for prophylaxis against COVID-19 and other future viral threats.

Please join us , as an investor or as follower, and support our efforts to combat this worldwide pandemic.

Ralph T. Salvagno, MD

Thank You!